Alpha Group - Urban Infill Consultants

Alpha is a San Francisco based advisory firm specializing in sustainable development and energy efficient technologies. We launch innovative building solutions, projects, and companies. Within industries poised for major transformation, Alpha accelerates progress and creates long term resiliency for our clients. With an entrepreneurial drive, decades of experience in the sector, and a deep network of respected industry specialists, we position companies and public agencies for enduring impact.

Vision, sustainability, and integrity drive our top and bottom lines.

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Recent Projects

Building Automation Building Automation and Intelligent Building Platform

Partnering with an international intelligent building platform and energy management company for expansion into California market.The platform leverages IP (Internet Protocol) technologies as well as the latest cloud computing architecture to deliver robust, cost effective, and scalable solutions for commercial and high-rise residential energy monitoring and management.
Smart, Clean, Connected Cities Smart, Clean, Connected Cities

In collaboration with Katalytix, launching a Silicon Valley technology commercialization catalyst for smart, clean, connected cities
Net Zero Energy Coalition Net Zero Energy Coalition

Assisting this Canadian-based NZE market accelerator in a strategic U.S. expansion

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